Cutler and his team outscored opponents

Cutler and his team outscored opponents 746 85, including a 90 0 shutout at Pike Central. During his senior year, Cutler connected on 122 of 202 passes (60.4%) for 2,252 yards with 31 touchdowns, while rushing 65 times for 493 yards with 11 touchdowns.[1] He also started at safety for three years, intercepting nine passes as a senior, 12th overall in the state.[1] His team’s perfect record during his senior year included the school’s first 3A state championship, where Heritage Hills beat Zionsville in overtime, 27 24. The most notable play of the game occurred when Cutler lateraled the ball to the halfback, Cole Seifrig, who then passed it to Cutler who ran it into the end zone.

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